computer scince and engineering

Concept of Programming Using C book in hindi



1. Algorithm and Programming Development (08 Periods)
Steps in development of a program, algorithm development, concept of flowcharts,
programming and use of programming, various techniques of programming,
Structured Programming, Preprocessors, Debugging, Compiling
2. Program Structure (08 Periods)

Structure of C program, Writing and executing the first C program, Translator:
Assembler, Interpreter, Compiler, I/O statement, assign statement, Keywords,
constants, variables and data types, storage classes, operators and expressions,
Unformatted and Formatted IOS, Data Type Casting
3. Control Structures (10 Periods)
Introduction, decision making with IF – statement, IF – Else and Nested IF, Ladder
if-else, Loop: While, do-while, for, Break, Continue, goto and switch statements
4. Functions (10 Periods)
Introduction to functions, Global and Local Variables, Function Declaration,
Function Call and Return, Types of Functions, Standard functions, Parameters and
Parameter Passing, Call – by value/reference, recursive function, function with array,
function with string
5. Arrays and Strings (10 Periods)
Introduction to Arrays, Array Declaration, Length of array, Manipulating
arrayelements, Single and Multidimensional Array, Arrays of characters, Passing an
array to function, Introduction of Strings, String declaration and definition, String
Related function i.e. strlen, strcpy, strcmp
6. Pointers (08 Periods)
Introduction to pointers, Static and dynamic memory allocation, Address operator and
pointers, Declaring and initializing pointers, Single pointer, Pointers to an array
7. Structures and Unions (08 Periods)
Declaration of structures, Accessing structure members, Structure Initialization, array
of structure variable, Pointer to a structures, Union, Declaration of Union
8. File Handling (08 Periods)
Basics of File Handling, opening and closing of File, reading and writing character
from a file

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